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  Audio Plan --- On-the-Go Brain Fuel  
Fuel your brain while you're
doing something else or else
turn the daily commute into
your own personal business
learning time.

You'll get the main points
and ideas from a new book every
week quickly and concisely.
Listen to the summary
and then decide whether or
not it will be worth your time
to read the entire book.

Find out how other people
have handled the various
business challenges you now face.

You'll learn hands-on business
 principles which can be applied
immediately to your own
company or career.

You'll save time and money
--- on-the-go summaries are
very cost effective.

You'll stay up-to-date with the
latest thinking --- a new book
every week of the year.
You'll get lots of fresh ideas,
insider insights,  practical know-how
and concise information about what works and what doesn't




Now you can fill your mind with fresh new business
ideas while in your car, listening to your iPod
or while you're out and about doing something else

Business book summaries are now available in MP3 format
for those who want to fuel their brain while on the go.

What does an audio book summary sound like?
Please find out for yourself. Three sample summaries
are available for immediate download:



Saving Your Good Idea
From Getting Shot Down

John Kotter and
Lorne Whitehead



Teaching Your Business
to Market Itself

John Jantsch


A Path to Profits,
Passion and Purpose

Tony Hsieh

     If you would like the convenience of being able to fuel your
brain on the go with great book summaries, this plan
is for you. You'll be able to download a new summary
each week over the next year.
What's the investment for the Audio Plan?
It's very simple --- 50 summaries for USD $100
in MP3, PDF, Kindle and iPad formats.
(That works out to just $2 per book summarized).

These MP3 summaries are great for bringing
the ideas to life. Each summary is about
20-25 minutes in length. Use them today and excel.

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