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  Executive Summaries of New Business Books --- A Weekly Blast of New Brain Fuel  
Each week, you'll receive a
 complete 8-page executive
summary of a new business book.
Use these summaries to fuel your brain with the best ideas from books which are being published right now.
This is the perfect way to
read less but do more.
These executive summaries will keep you well informed --- you will have quick access to top business ideas.
This will save you time.
These executive summaries will save you money --- you'll get the ideas from each book at a fraction of the cost. 
This will save the planet -- your
brain fuel will be delivered
electronically. No trees will be
harmed, no printing chemicals
will be used. Planet friendly.


If business books are selling for $20 - $30 each,
send us just $2 or $3 and we'll e-mail you an executive
summary containing the best ideas from the book
you can read in less than an hour


With our new summaries plans, you can fuel your brain each week with a succinct
executive summary of a different business book. New summaries are
automatically sent to you each week -- no action required on your part.

To read some sample summaries, please click on these book covers:

Each summary is 8-pages long, and contains all the key
concepts, ideas and strategies from the entire book.


Over the course of a year, 50 different books are summarized, including:

           Check! The latest titles being published this year
          Check! All-time business classics
          Check! Biographies of the success stories behind great people & companies
          Check! Instructional and How-To titles

When was the last time you read 50 business books? Our summaries
are designed to expose you to the best thinking from 50 books over
the course of a year. That's an impressive burst of fuel for your business brain.

What's the investment for the Kindle and iPad Plans?

50 books /year, delivered at the rate of one book per week
 $100 /year or $2 per book summarized


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