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  5-Pack and On-Demand --- Pick the summaries you want from our back-issue catalog of more than 880 books  
Whenever you choose,
you can order a complete 8-page
 executive summary of any
book we have in our entire
back-issue catalog.
Use these summaries to fuel your
brain with the best ideas from books which have been published
over the last fifteen years.
This is the perfect way to
read less but do more.
These executive summaries will keep you well informed --- you will have quick access to top business ideas.
This will save you time.
These executive summaries will save you money --- you'll get the ideas from each book at a fraction of the cost. 
This will save the planet -- your brain fuel will be delivered electronically. No trees will be harmed, no printing chemicals will be used. Planet friendly.
Vote for the books you want to have summarized. If you want to see a specific book summarized, you can nominate it. If enough people agree, we'll summarize it for you. Simple. 
Our back-issue catalog is
available in PDF format only.

 Pick-and-choose summaries from
our back-issue catalog --- get just
the summaries you want whenever
you need them. No weekly delivery cycle.

Our 5-Pack and On-Demand Plans are designed to give maximum flexibility
and choice. There's no weekly delivery cycle --- summaries
are sent only when ordered. That way you can pick and
choose the summaries which will be of most interest and
relevance to what you're trying to achieve.
To read some sample summaries, please click on these book covers:

Each summary is 8-pages long, and contains all the
key concepts, ideas and strategies from the entire book,
without any of the usual filler material.


5-Pack and On-Demand Plan users can choose from our entire
back-issue catalog of more than 890 executive
summaries. We also add a new summary to the
selection every week --- which you can select at any time.


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years. Pick and cWe've put together a superb back-issuehoose whichever
you want
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